20120526-DoorsOpen-TSXYesterday, I came across a blog post from Ryan Modesto of 5i Research talking about the lack of Canadian investment blogs compared to our friends south of the border. I could not have agreed more. The only one I could think of was the hilarious http://dontfuckwithdonville.blogspot.ca (probably my favourite weekly read).

12 hours later I was on the LRT home watching an imessage group chat light up about Bitcoin. Realizing I have opinions on this kinda thing I figured it would not hurt to write down my “investment thesis” as Ryan Modesto suggests so it can be looked back upon and critiqued.

The Plan: I am a 21 year old Canadian working towards my undergrad majoring in finance. Having worked a few summers and a coop term during my time in university I have managed to save a bit of money… now I am looking to invest it. University finance courses only teach you so much about investing so on my free time I tried to further my knowledge reading: The Wealthy Barber, The Intelligent Investor, Market Masters, Flash Boys and Security Analysis (in that order).

Currently, I would consider myself a passive investor, holding GIC’s and cash until I feel educated enough to put my money into an investment vehicle or see the market become less expensive. However, I always hear the best way to learn is to have “skin in the game”. The goal for this blog is to become a successful active investor and debunk myths and bad investment advice that seems to plague young people when looking for their first investment.

Additionally, I also hope to weight in on current market developments and fads such as the Bitcoin and Marijuana stock craze going on in Canada. I am nowhere close to being qualified to provide advice to anyone but this blog should serve as a good archive of my thought process so I can analyze it further.